“If you’re going to have a story, have a big story

or none at all.”

Joseph Campbell

happiness - word cloudThe dialogue of Face Painters is one of its most substantial elements. The writer has exhibited an excellent command of the English language, as exposition has been kept to a minimum while subtext has been used to convey the characters’ thoughts and feelings. They also have their own unique voices which makes them differentiable, while it also helps them to come to life on the page. Analyst: VKV6, WESCREENPLAY Coverage, Hollywood, CA

panic - word cloudThe world the writer creates is wonderful, and there’s a very sweet authenticity to what he has here, and that is very precious. It is fresh. There is a voice; it’s his. It’s very specific writing and it’s truthful. The writer has something that’s very difficult to teach someone and that is having a personal voice and an ear and eye for the world of a story. The ending, tying back to the front, is remarkable and devastating. This is an incredible story. Gordy Hoffman, Script Consultant, Los Angeles, CA

grief - word cloudThe Face Painters saga was an extraordinarily frustrating script to synopsize! However, the story is lovely and easily one of the most entertaining I’ve ever read. The dialogue is staggeringly good, definitely one of the three or four best scripts I’ve ever covered here. Almost every word rings true. The characters are rich, wholly-rounded, and totally believable. (The lead in this was the character Bobby Cannavale was born to play!) Appointed writer to Script Reader, LA, CA

offensive - word cloudThis sweeping story is told with passion and love.  There is a lot of good content here that would be very engaging for a general audience. The story illuminates Tuscany in 1928 and Brooklyn in 1963. The arena of Italy in the 1920s is   fascinating. The 1963 arena is more familiar: Italian immigrants, the US pre-civil rights. But the issues do not overshadow the wonderful relationships, and they feel organic to the story. Catharsis, LLC, Barbara Nicolosi, PhD, Azusa, CA

anger - word-cloudFace Painters is full of dramatic conflict, emotion, and color. The writer certainly has captured the look and feel of several worlds and three generations in a family that makes its way from Italy to America. It is, in fact, an epic story which traces the grandfather’s honest heart and creative promise forward into the life of Buono, the charming grandson and protagonist of the screenplay. Lisa Rosenberg, Senior Writer, Story Terrace, LLC., Beverly Hills, CA

“…a very well-crafted screenplay that has had a lot of effort put into it. It would make an excellent feature film attracting a large audience.”

Screenwriting Sage Contest

“…Face Painters is a wonderful read, and is pretty much ready to be produced. The characterization is phenomenal, and the dialogue is surprisingly tight for such a lengthy piece of work.”

Shore Scripts

“…one of the deepest dives into character that we’ve seen and gives the script one of the most incredibly detailed, original, and complex casts we’ve come across in some time.”

Chicago Screenplay Awards

“…a well-crafted, original structure and memorable characters; this screenplay presents a unique and emotionally impactful story that is sure to attract attention from a diverse audience.”

The Golden Script Competition

“…The revelations surrounding Luca’s journey to America and Buono’s personal demons decades later were particularly effective plot points and had amazing payoffs in the end.”

The Monthly Film Festival

“…a heartfelt story that does touch on a lot of human emotions and the human condition in a way that most people will be able to identify with, and events that people go through such as a loss and moving on…”

Script Reader Pro